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Why should I choose PC Repairs Gold Coast?

We are a professional and customer oriented company that offers the best services for your computers at affordable prices. We make sure that you problems get resolved soon so that your business or life doesn’t get affected. Your satisfaction is our motivating factor.

We come to you

You do not have to pack your computer or other devices and carry it to the repair shop. We will be delighted to visit your home or office to attend to the problems faced by your computer.

Same Day Service Available*

If you request a service before 10am, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), we guarantee service the very same day.
The Geeks are among the best in the industry and know their job really well, ensuring the quickest solutions to your computer problems. We guarantee the highest standards of customer satisfaction and you would never have to face any unpleasant surprises.

We’re on-call seven days a week

We would be pleased to serve you any time of the day, any day of the year making sure that you work or life doesn’t come to halt because of the problems that your computer is facing.

Customer Service Quality that is unparalleled

Our customer service team are knowledgeable and friendly giving you the fastest solutions. Whether it is a broken computer or printer or assistance to learn the internet we will be there to help you with any computer related issues.

Plain English

Every technician has gone through a rigorous human interaction course! We speak plain English and avoid complicated technical jargons so that we can explain what we’re doing and why.

Entirely Australian Owned – and proud of it!

How much do your services cost?

No matter which city or town in Australia you live in, Geeks will be there to serve you. We keep things simple by providing bills for transparent, half-hour blocks with a one hour slot to begin with. Since most problems are solved in an hour or less, the Geek will be delighted to offer other assistance and training if there is any extra time remaining. If there is an emergency, we also have same day service available for which we charge a premium cost.

I’m a home computer user, not a business. Are PC Repairs Gold Coast’s services still available to me?

Of course! We provide computer solutions for homes and offices, from basic home setups to large enterprises whatever you requirements are we would be happy to serve you. Whether it is a motherboard replacement or printer that has gone wrong or if you need to learn more about the internet to stay in touch with the modern times, just give us a call and we would reach you in no time to serve you.

What kind of computer services does PC Repairs Gold Coast offer?

We will be happy to provide you expert assistance on the same day, onsite computer help, repairs and services that are unparalleled and cost efficient. Our services cover any kind of computer issues, just about any type of computer services that you need. This include hardware and software repairs, system security solutions, wireless and wired networking, data backup and recovery solutions and virus/spyware prevention and removal, just to name a few. Whatever you need done, your local Geek will be there by your side and would happily help you!

Is there a PC Repairs Gold Coast technician near me?

With over 350 technicians spread right across Australia, we’re sure to have a technician in your local area. Click here to see if we service your town or city. If we are not servicing your area yet, please inform us so that we can arrive in your city sooner.

Is it easy to book the services of a PC Repairs Gold Coast technician?

We have made sure that you have to follow a simple procedure on our website to book our services. Just call our national service hotline 1300 748 954 and have a word with one of our friendly Customer Service Specialists who will let you know of our services and costs, gather the necessary information about the issue you’re experiencing and book an appointment time at a convenient time right on the spot. Immediately after that you will receive an automatic SMS directly on your mobile with the name of the Geek who will assist you on that day, a booking reference and your confirmed appointment time. If you choose to opt for the Same Day Service by placing a request before 10 am, one of our friendly geeks will be there at your door on the same day.

Are your technicians able to explain the service in plain English?

Yes, definitely! PC Repairs Gold Coast has a careful and meticulous selection process that ensures, amongst other things, that every geek speaks in simple and plain English. Your Geek will not confuse you with complex technical jargon; they can explain in clear and concise words the technical problems that your computer is facing.
Your computer might break down anytime of the day, that’s why we’re available on-call seven days a week! That’s weekdays, weekends and evenings! Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8am – 8pm, and weekends, as well as on most public holidays from 9am – 5pm at your local Australian time.

Are your technicians able to explain the service in plain English?

Yes, definitely! PC Repairs Gold Coast has a careful and meticulous selection process that ensures, amongst other things, that every geek speaks in simple and plain English. Your Geek will not confuse you with complex technical jargon; they can explain in clear and concise words the technical problems that your computer is facing.
Your computer might break down anytime of the day, that’s why we’re available on-call seven days a week! That’s weekdays, weekends and evenings! Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8am – 8pm, and weekends, as well as on most public holidays from 9am – 5pm at your local Australian time.

What hours is your call-centre open?

Our friendly Customer Service Specialists are eager to give you a friendly ear to attend to your problems. We attend to all your calls from 8am-9pm Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm Saturday and 9am-6pm Sunday (AEST/AEDT). We’re also open on most public holidays making it easy for you to find a solution to all the problems that your computer is facing!

What forms of payment does PC Repairs Gold Coast accept?

For your convenience and transparency, we accept payments by cash or credit card only. As you book an appointment, we will confirm your preferred payment method and make sure that we enter the same details. If it’s a credit card, we will offer to securely enter your credit card details at the time of booking, however we assure you that once the service has been completed and you have authorised the charge will the payment get processed (kindly note: our system will not store your credit card details, they are encrypted to the most stringent standards and stored with our bank in line with Australian regulations). As the service ends, we will be glad to email you an invoice and receipt for your records. No worries! We offer our approved business clients to apply for an account with credit terms.

What services do your fees cover?

We charge you for the time we take to complete a job and take care of any technology without causing any hassles or worries. Our fee structure is clear, transparent and easy to understand. It also means you can have your Geek handling many computers and/or problems at one time without burdening you with additional charges for every little extra need you have. The Geeks are efficient multi-taskers and can therefore handle many issues simultaneously at once. Please note that the service fees do not include hardware or software which we can offer at competitive and negotiable prices.

How much time will it take to resolve my computer issue?

It largely depends on the issue you are facing, however, the majority of our onsite services are completed in an hour and would give you the best results. If the service will take a longer time, your Geek will provide you with an estimate and ask for your approval before moving forward with the service. Stay assured, where possible, your friendly Geek will always perform the services quickly, onsite, so that you can start using your computer again without wasting more time. If it is necessary to take your computer away at an offsite location, you will be given a fixed quote which will need your approval. No unexpected surprises or extra charges! We can be trusted and won’t cause any additional worries.

What can I expect of my Geek?

You can expect to see a friendly and experienced technician, who will carry with them their PC Repairs Gold Coastphoto ID, to be on time and introduce themselves politely upon their arrival so that you can easily identify them. Clear communication is our foremost priority, so you can expect your Geek to keep you thoroughly informed as to what is going on from the moment he/she arrives onsite. Shortly after the Geek arrives, we will diagnose the problem and tell you about it, and an estimate of the time it will take to repair it, as well as keep you regular updates about the service.

What makes PC Repairs Gold Coast technicians so special?

All the Geeks are equipped with many years of technical experience and/or have earned industry certifications, providing advanced knowledge and catering to all your needs of computer repair and support. Each and every Geek has been carefully selected before they join our organisation; we make sure that they are armed with the technical knowledge that is needed to give you the best-in-class services, experience and, above all, they all have a friendly personality. When you book with PC Repairs Gold Coast, you are tapping into the thousands of years of combined experience that we have across the 300+ Geeks around Australia – so there’s really no problem that we can’t tackle and solve!

How do I keep from losing my data?

Computers are complicated machines that can burden you with worry if they do not function properly and data loss is an unfortunate incident that should be prevented. We make sure that all of our customers have appropriate backup solutions, because it’s the only way to protect yourself from valuable data loss. It is highly recommended that you always keep a backup of your critical files so that your data is not exposed to risks however, if necessary, we can also offer back-up services before we begin any work onsite. In the unlikely event that you have already lost invaluable data through hardware failure or deleted files, your local Geek will be happy to provide onsite and in-lab recovery solutions for those who require urgent response to precious data loss.

What kind of Service Guarantees do you offer?

At PC Repairs Gold Coast, we provide best in class services. Our business has been built on this commitment and customer satisfaction. We guarantee our service on two levels:
1) We guarantee the best technical expertise, in the unlikely event that your technician is unable to give you a solution or diagnose the problem because they did not have the knowledge to do it, then we will do our best to work around the service again ta no extra cost. However, if they diagnose a faulty component which needs to be replaced and you choose not to proceed or decide to source the parts elsewhere, we will charge you the normal fees.
2) We offer our word that only the best services will be offered to you. If you notify us of a faulty service and want your money refunded we will be happy to do it. Please contact us on 1300 748 954 as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to rectify the issue free of charge. If the issue you’re experiencing is not related to the service we provided, normal charges will apply.
We guarantee same day service if you call us before 10 am on any day!* so you can be assured of getting a Geek out to your location fast in case of an urgency!

Can I buy hardware or software from PC Repairs Gold Coast?

Of course! We assure you that your technician drives around with a fully stocked vehicle so that they can fix most technical problems on the spot and immediately. If the required computer part isn’t immediately available, we will make arrangements to organize it for you it as soon as possible and make a return follow-up visit to keep make sure that the service we provided to you was the one you asked for.

What if the repairs can’t be completed onsite?

In some cases, like in the instance of extensive data recovery, our computer repair services will consume a lot of time and cannot be completed immediately at the onsite location. In this case, your Geek will offer you a fixed quote for the offsite repair of your computer as well as let you know as to when it will be returned without causing you any worry. You will also be informed at all times on the progress of your repairs when the job is being done. We ask you to sign a form, granting the permission for the removal of your hardware to take offsite for repair.

What if I want to cancel a service with PC Repairs Gold Coast?

Your convenience is our priority. Do not worry for we can definitely cancel a service! Please give us a call on our customer service line 1300 748 954 at least twenty-four (24) hours before your scheduled appointment time and let us know so that we can cancel the service without causing you any worry!

Does PC Repairs Gold Coast offer maintenance contracts for ongoing support of business customers?

No, we can offer a much better solution! We would rather remain your IT support provider based on the services we provide rather than locking you into a contract, so we therefore offer convenient varying blocks of prepaid hours at significant discounts which can be used for onsite, phone and remote support and do not carry an expiry date. The major advantage with opting for our prepaid hours is that you are never charged a callout fee, and you can enjoy a significantly lower hourly rate.

Does PC Repairs Gold Coast offer training?

Absolutely we do! We are happy to offer informal training irrespective of your needs. The Geeks are knowledgeable and experienced in training both individuals and groups on all aspects of how to get the best out of your computer. Feel free to call or email us so that we can discuss your needs, and we will be happy to provide all kinds of assistance.
Do you need computer services? Here at PC Repairs Gold Coast we give you the guarantee that our computer technicians have the best technical knowledge and experience and, above all, a wonderful personality to provide the best computer repairs, PC or IT support services right across Australia. Request a Geek or contact us today.
*Conditions apply, please click here for details

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Here are 8 reasons

We Come to You

The Geeks will travel to your home or workplace and fix the problem on the spot. You can be spared of the dilemma of dismantling your computer and carrying it all the way to the repair shop. Isn’t it convenient and easy?

Same Day Service

When you request a service before 10 am from Monday to Friday, over the phone excluding holidays we promise to send a technician to you the same day. We offer the quickest solutions that will solve your problems in no time. Aren't we quick and efficient?

Peace of mind

Your computer’s sensitive information will be secure. Every job performed by our experts is the best in its league which is why you won’t have to put up with unpleasant surprises.

Fixed Right, the First Time

We provide best services that do not compromise on quality which is why we do our job right in the first time itself. You won’t have to call us again because we always deliver results the first time itself.

Bring to us anything

We are trained to service and repair PCs, laptops, Macs and servers, just about anything. We have knowledgeable technicians who know their job well.

On Call 7 Days

We are available seven days of the week and provide customer friendly services that are the best in the league. Call us anytime of the day during weekdays, weekends or during evenings and we will reach you soon.

Honest technicians

Every technician employed by us is honest and screened thoroughly by us. You can trust them and they won’t let you down.

Speak in plain English

Every computer expert we employ speaks in simple English that you can understand. They will explain the problems that your computer is facing and exactly perform the same repairs. If you need a report at the end of service, we will be happy to give it to you.

Request a Call back for Your Next Service

Call us or email us right away so that we can quickly visit you and resolve all the problems that your computer is facing. We provide affordable services that are comprehensive and would be free any worries or surprises.

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